Ot - Must See It!

Have a look at this on UTube:

Haha… Nice one!:roflmao:

yes very nice joke but see this!



The first video is the funny one, the second not so funny.

Thanks guys

I don’t believe that video… :slight_smile: The Kursk was destroyed when leaking hydrogen peroxide, from an old and over-reused training torpedo, caused a violent explosion and a chemical fire in the torpedo room. The explosion knocked out the control room, and the sub dived to the seabed, when the other torpedoes - fuel and warheads - exploded. The second explosion breached the pressure hull (2 square meters removed, apparently!) and all the bulkheads as far as the reactor room (which wasn’t breached, fortunately). The USN subs were there because NATO submarines always watch the Russian navy exercises. The Russians didn’t want to let Western rescue teams near, partly out of pride, and partly because the front section of the ship still contained SS-N-19 Shipwreck/Granit supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, which are designed to destroy NATO carrier battle groups…

That stuff about the Shchval “Lance” rocket torpedo - I’m not an expert on naval warfare, but how can a 350kt torpedo be more threatening than a Mach 2 cruise missile? Or twenty Mach 2 cruise missiles launched one after the other? Are the anti-missile defences that good on the USS Nimitz?

As for the first video: :roflmao:

Nice explaination Dozer TY,

about Shchval I dont know if it exist, in Sub commander (game) the torpedo is improved, it can’t manouvre when is launched it can be luanch only at some deep dont think much deep, supercavitaion I think that around the torpedo will generate an air cover that reduce the drag of the weapoon is a torpado with rocket engine! ask to Monstter our KGB spy! :roflmao:

here expalin the supercavitaion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercavitation