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An interesting video from Mick Doohan foundation.
… something to think about!


Geniale, molto interessante.
Assieme al mio Motoclub, stiamo istituendo un gruppo di piloti e persone, che andranno nelle scuole a fare educazione stradale, e il corso inizia proprio con un video simile, ma molto più crudo e reale, fatto vedere ai ragazzi, con lo scopo proprio di terrorizzarli.
Purtroppo oggi, con il boom degli scooter e delle due ruote, troppa gente che non sà andare in moto, circola liberamente x le strade, bisognerebbe rivedere le regole sugli esami della patente.

A lot better that some of those I see in Danish TV :smiley:
I used to drive a MC.
Falling of your bike are seldom fatal. It is hitting the other stuff around you.
Like roadsign, cars, Busstops or the stonerise of the pacement.
Those things will make your bones crack and neck snap :frowning:

I am also driving a Motorbike (we hjave 3 in my family!) and I understand by experience what is the meaning of the video

@ Ryno: this section of the forum is in ENGLISH! :slight_smile:

Not having had a chance to see the Mick Doohan link, but currently owning a NTV 650 and having ridden bikes for most of my adult life. Racing is stupid, road racing is suicidal. Even just day to day riding these days is taking ones life in ones hands. Every motorist ( no exceptions ) is a homicidal maniac hell bent on turning you into a greasy smear.

I have too many recollections of personal incidents and friends long gone to take any risks and always assume that other road users will do the most stupid thing at the most opportune moment.

These days I ride like a gram pa ( which is after all what i am ).


Sorry Bear … :confused:

gib deinem schutzengel eine chance / leave your holy angel one chance at least

thks for the reminder Bear