OT - Eagles CCG

Not a flight sim or even a PC game but I thought I’d mention it here on the off chance some other EAF’ers share my other hobby.

I’ve been a long term student of the Napoleonic Wars including a limited amount of tabletop wargaming a long time ago.

My son, aged 11, is now getting into things like Warhammer 40K etc. He’s been pestering me lately to get him some World of Warcraft Collectible Card Games, which I’ll probably do. Eventually.

Anyway, it reminded me that I once started collecting the Eagles CCG by Columbia Games. I recently found my collection and remembered that I was about 140 cards short of the 300 for a full deck.

You can buy single cards and full decks from Columbia Games direct and I’ll probably do so.

Before that however, I thought I’d post here to see if anyone has any of these cards they no longer want or would like to swap? I’ve got approx 60 ‘swappsies’ if anyone is interested.

Any fellow Grognards out there?



PS Looking forward to Empire:Total War :banana: