OSD prob

hey guys i’ve Philips 190s i’ve check it on website but the message came up again

messages are:
OSD main control locked
OSD main control unlocked
and monitor screen popup

all message in loop

it seams as someone push the button on monitor

If that was happening to me, I’d be happy as it would give me an excuse to buy a nice wide screen LCD monitor. Cheap as chips they are now. :slight_smile:

I did find this here

This problem is caused by the OSD button going faulty.
One solution is if you have a soldering iron is to remove the button , and replace with a new one. (It is possible to leave it out in most cases.) Alternatively you could try spraying it with contact cleaner.
Both solutions will require the dismantling of the unit.

But I’m not suggesting you take your monitor apart.

now the problem resolved maybe is the wet air in this period, this appen expecialy on aftrernoon and night

the problem continue and now it go on ful bright and on menù monitor have changed name LOL

Or the alien are caming

or I’ve all world agains me:w00t:

I’ve right now one storage HD was broken whats next?:w00t:

Dang Wildcat, bad luck m8.

Looks like you have run out of computer karma …
We all go through spells like this… it will get better


Two of us in the barrel <echo>

Who’ll be next :slight_smile:


thanks guys need it