One step forward P/O Ribbon

Trainee Ribbon! One step forward!

Friends! Romans! and Countrymen!
It is with great pride and much pleasure that I have the privilege to announce to EAF that we have a new pilot. I dare say that those of us who had the pleasure of flying with him have done so without reservation.

May the you never lack friends and always have enough bandits to shoot down.

Congratulation P/O Ribbon

Although your time as a trainee is over, your journey of learning have just begun.


I hereby declare the bar as open. The tap is on Ribbon

EDIT: For those of you in 331, please welcome your newest Sqd member.

Yes sir!

Thank you gentlements, EAF turns out to be much more than i expected, positive in every way, i’m very proud to be part of this team.
You’ve made my love for aviation bigger than i could ever imagine. I’ll keep practicing and improving my skills, training and learning is never ending process.

I wish i could buy you a beer in a real life, hopefully one day i will, until then virtual beer (and short ones) are on me!


WELL DONE, Ribbon!!!

1 liter of dark beer for me!


I hope you enjoing the time in EAF.

Nice work.
And Now, we have a war to WIN!

Girls please join our party!

bravo Ribbon well done!

Ok what is the name of EAF’s pub barmaid?

Sweetie please bring to those lads whatever they want:cool:

Well done Ribbon congrats, and to the OTU another well trained pilot:ani_beer:


Thank you Marko, Bianco and Red!
I cheer you up with 0.5l of pale ale!

Congratulations Pilot Officer!

It was a pleasure to be part of your training. You have done very well and should be proud.

Now lets start scoring kills on Finnish. First to 50 is the winner. With at least a 25/1 Kill/Death ratio.

Welcome to the EAF.


Challenge accepted!

Grattis Ribbon, och välkommen!

Thank you boss!

Bravo Ribbon well done!

Caroline I’ll take an IPA!


Thank you Jimmi!
So she has a name!

A worthy addition to EAF. Congratulations on getting your wings and looking forward to lots of fun flying with you.

Apparently you also convinced Roman to join as well - thats another good point in your favor.

Thank you Topsy!
I’m also looking forward to fly with you and to watch more of your spithistory vids, keep us updated on progress!
I hope someday i’ll make something similar when i build a house with a simming room.

GoooooooD Job mate!

Thanks Storm, see you on monday!

Congratulations, looking forward to fly with you on Monday!

S! Hans

Bienvenido al EAF!! :slight_smile: