One step forward Classic

With Classic’s continued efforts in supporting myself, 19 Squadron and EAF, also an acting T/O, HQ has agreed with my request to have him promoted up to 19’s X/O.

Congratulations, now get the beers in mate :slight_smile:

Large Irish for me mate :slight_smile:

Well done congrats X/O Classic, well deserved sir!


Congrats mate

Well done mate
Does this mean i need to find a new flight leader;):frowning:

Well deserved.

“One large Irish” Here i am… Oh i’ll have a beer then, nice of you to offer Classic, what with your huge X/O wages an all :slight_smile:

Thoroughly deserved mate, I’m gonna be X/O of 602 as soon as the hitman arrives at Joe and Whizz’s houses.

Proficiat Classic well deserved :slight_smile:

I actually considered your promotion a must, Classic, with all that huge work in AW for all of us…thanks!!! :banana:

well deserved mate

Congratulations Classic



Hurrah and Huzzah!! :D:D

All part of the cunning plan Dan. Now we’ve got another official leader so us wingmen are in our element. We know exactly who to blame :slight_smile:


Well done Classic, thoroughly deserved. You will be a great X/O for 19 Squadron.

Now after the large rounds on you, I’ll bet Swoop has a HUGE pile of paperwork for you. Oh the joys of being the S/L’s lackie :cool:

Congratulations, Classic!! ~S~!

welcome to the club…well deserved S!

Thanks guys.

Consider the bar open with my tab on a 24hr pass :smiley:

~S~ Congrats Classic!

Well done…

Nice Job Classic! :slight_smile:

Great Mate! :slight_smile:

(Thought You already was an X/O, considering Your Flyingskills! )


Congrats Classic, well deserved :slight_smile: