One for the Italians, new BOM info

Hi Everybody!

Today we’re going to show you the first screenshots of a plane that will be released as a part the Battle of Moscow project and after that will become available to all BOM (and BOM + BOS) pilots. This plane is the premium MC.202.
Furthermore, I suggest you to get to know this machine closer. The note below was written by our engineer known as Phenazepam here on the forum, who’s kindly agreed to steal a minute from FM tuning and to share his first impressions about Macchi.

The plane’s going to be pretty interesting, with it’s specific advantages and drawbacks. Both are full of controversies. Macchi combines rather moderate external dimensions of Messerschmitts and robustness of Fockewulf, aerodynamically clean centerbody but powered by an outmoded Alfa Romeo RA1000 engine…
Still, this aircraft will definitely have its fans, and not exclusively Italians. Primarily because Macchi has a tough framework boasting an all-metal construction (except the rudders) of the airframe and two-spar wings. If Bf 109s are known for their asymmetrical rudder profile, the Macchi’s peculiarity is asymmetrical wing panels: left wing is 20 cm longer than the right one. Those wings don’t have slats. Landing gear is generally similar to the one on FW 190, it’s quite wide and serviceable. There’s a stabilizer on the elevation rudder, and no trimmers on other surfaces.
Overall approach to the framework design seemed a bit surprising to me: on the one hand the aircraft is aerodynamically clean and correct, on the other hand both of its radiator cowlings look raw and ill-placed. Apertures in the canopy behind pilot’s seat are another questionable decision - both from aerodynamics and pilot’s comfort points of view.
Speaking of flying MC.202 I’d say that there’s going to be very few surprises to Messerschmitt fans. The engine is an export version of DB601Aa that was also used on earlier Bf 109 models. But unlike other Bf 109s in our game, this one doesn’t have a good old automated constant-speed unit. Macchi’s CSU only has two basic positions: 2200 and 2400 rpm. All other modes are up to the pilot to set up and maintain by controlling prop pitch manually. Water and oil radiator controls are manual as well.
In a word, just wait for this bird to appear in the game to test in out personally. And keep in mind - Macchi’s throttle is inverted :slight_smile:

macchi_1.jpg macchi_2.jpg

macchi_3.jpg macchi_4.jpg

I truly hope we will be able to just buy some of those planes. I don’t expect their engine to improve soon enough to make BOM singleplayer feel less ‘empty’ then BOS one. It’s really great feeling flying BOS planes, sounds are great too IMHO, but SP content and lack of coops is awful. So I’d just like to buy map and 2-3 planes from BOM to be added to my BOS account. Hope that will be possible sometime down the development cycle.

Scrap what I said, buying planes other then ‘premium’ ones will not be possible, but BOS and BOM will be merged into single client with both planes and all maps for players that own both licences. That kind of achieve what I want from them apart for the fact I will have to buy German planes too and I do not intend to fly them much so I will probably wait for a steam 50% discount to level that issue :slight_smile: