Once more into the breech {drawing again}

Need to get my replacement card…this took 19hrs and I finished it at 2am this morning…hehehehe couldn’t sleep

It’s wonderful! Great work! Ty for sharing it with us!

Stunning! The level of detail is astounding. Well worth the time you spent on it.

once again superb

Can you post the other one you did again pls puff?

As we have lost the content of the old forum

very nice work Puff! :eek:

now we are waiting for a comics about BoB :cool:


Whoa, that is amazing! I absolutely love how you have captured the weariness in the face of the pilot in the first one, and the worn determination in the last!

Most aviation art depicts aircraft and settings in excruciating detail, but says very little about what it must have been like to fly them. This is a significant shortcoming in my opinion! Not to mention revisionism… aerial combat might have taken place in glorious sunsets, but glorious and sunsets it wasn’t.

You wouldn’t happen to be making reprints of those, would you? Any idea what it’d cost? I’d love to have them on my wall!


Thanks for the kind words…I haven’t really htought about prints…will have to investigate