Old server almost dead :(

My old server that hosted the eaf site for 10+ years is just about dead. When I came home on thursday it was rebooting itself every now and then. Over the weekend I have tried to copy data from it to a USB memory and at the same time setting up a new server. Unfortunately the frequency of the rebooting continued to go up, and now it usually don’t even get far enough to let me log in before it reboots itself. At the moment I have it turned of so I don’t get mad from it’s constant rebooting, but this also means that I’m unable to receive mails on my europeanaf.org adress.

Anyway, my plan is to physically move some of the harddrives from the old server to the new one tomorrow, and get it redirected, but it will take some time before I have everything up and running again. Once I do have it back in action I will probably migrate the forum to the new server (I still have problems with the hosted server, aka europeanaf.net), but that will take some time. All other stuff will stay on the hosted server for the time being.

Still, the server have been with me since at least 1999, running more or less continuously since then, same motherboard all the time (Abit BH-6 IIRC), but now using it’s 3rd CPU, and 3rd network card, not sure about graphics card, but might be 2nd or 3rd as well. Memory have increased since new, now it’s got a massive 640Mb. :stuck_out_tongue: So it have served me (an us!) well, but it’s time to say farewell…

Sad to hear.
is it the one that are running our FTP?

I do still have my Mac Mini running 24/7 with Max OSX Server, I can always have a go at hosting stuff.

Yes, ftp and mail and everything. Good thing I have another one waiting to be used for it, I just have to get everything moved, installed and/or configured. Thanks Starfire!

As to the server, it’s well and truly on the death-trows, I haven’t been able to get it to start to windows since sunday or something, now it restarts about every 30 seconds or less, and that’s not enough time for it to finish starting up.