Old Memories :)


Just stumbled upon my first Flight simulator i ever played when i was 12, Brings back memories and also realisations of how incredibly crap it was compared to now :roflmao:


Oh, they were brilliant at the time!

My first one, for the ZX Spectrum, I must have been about 17 or 18:

the first decent one i ever flew was for the dreamcast , you worked you’re way up from trainers to f18 but i prefered the old saber :slight_smile: i think it was called aerowings then there was a ww2 game as well for the dreamcast iron aces which was quite good from what i remember from those days, most of it was a blur :rolleyes: then i didn’t fly anything untill i got my mitts on il2 the rest as they say is history :slight_smile:

My first computer was an Amstrad CPC464! Ah, datacassettes…

My first flight sim was Microsoft Flight Sim 3 for MS-DOS, then Rowan’s Dawn Patrol (the first computer game my family brought, I think). Stretched that ex-BT 386 to the limit! Flying around using the keyboard for control. We got a cheap joystick when we got CFS1, I think.

I think that F-15 is overmodelled! According to Jane’s the ferry range is off by .26 mile.

But look at the terrain! Wow! Can I see sheep down there or do my eyes deceive me…! This surely doesn’t get any better than that!!

(Had the next DI one Apache - wireframe helo sim and remember me and my Dad sitting on Xmas morning trying to ‘win’ Flight Path 737 by flying over the mountains…)

not so old but Old :roflmao:

someone had paly at Strike commander?

the intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAdikjwJ2vs&mode=related&search= the pilot isnt Crash!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEuCz4gW5sQ a dogfight! I kile the auto missile camera :slight_smile:

I remember the old ZX81 flight sim, first one i ever played and then F18 on the old amiga :). I had strike commander and loved it, the best bit was it cost you money to buy missiles and it encouraged you not to waste them on doubtful shots so you only fired if you were sure of a hit. A great game.

I had Fighter Pilot on the C64 - loved it. Wasn’t the DI Helo sim called Tomahawk?

Eventually moved on to wire framed Gunship and F117 Stealth by Microprose.

Check this out :slight_smile:


Wildcat! Strike Commander! :smiley: Thanks for the name I forgot it. I played that game to death! What a cool game that was. Bogeydudes !!!:roflmao:

Migman still exists? wow …:eek:

My first one was LHX, helicopter game:) spent hours and hour flying it :slight_smile: