Oh FEK...I'm properly in trouble now

I don’t know what possessed me…but in a moment of sheer madness I just bought a Dell 2400 W/S monitor :eek: …Mrs Brigs is literally going to kill me.

Save your cardboard boxes…I may need to build myself a house on the Embankment quite soon.

Your hand slipped on the Buy Now button oh yeah sure :slight_smile:

You jammy bugger


Sweet !
If she kicks you out, bring it round here and I will put it up … I mean you up for a few days :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a photo of the garden, install it as a screen saver, tell her you have put in some new patio doors for her

Now that’s an idea, it’s big enough…I can see that working
Cheers Peegee

Just don’t open that door for her …

btw, what’s the spec off your old one, and are you planing to sell?


Ok…tell her, it’s a new type of makeup mirror !! :smiley:

I got away with buying a Flatscreen on the grounds it looks nicer and takes up less room than my old CRT did.

The spec is NEC TFT 18", and it will be for sale. But not sure how at the moment. I have an old box for sale also and it might end up with that as a complete system…but I am open to offers. :slight_smile:

So it wasn`t about Pron after all…:stuck_out_tongue:

£20 Quid and a spare room for your old monitor Brig ? :smiley:

Techy :cool: