Oculus VR face cover replacement

Found this site after a recommendation and just ordered the basic set. I find after a couple of hours the face shield gets uncomfortable so hopefully this leather with an optional cotton cover will help.

I’ll let you know how it works out.


Plus a USB fan to keep things from fogging up and cool.


How has it worked out? I’ve ordered the cotton covers - fed up with the Rift misting up!

i think that fan would be more useful for PC than for pilot, pointing it toward cpu!

I got the standard one plus the fan but haven’t tested it enough yet.

I was finding after a few hours of intensive flying it was getting hot and uncomfortable but now I have the fan blowing cool air up and is bliss.

The cotton cover felt soft but a little warm so opted for the leather but haven’t done a proper session yet.

Taking it that people have generally gone with the Rift? I am looking to buy one maybe Feb next year for flying and ED. I have seen various reviews of which is better vs. Vive.

Any thoughts after a people have used for a few months of BoX?

There is no going back to Track IR after you have been in VR. I have only used the Rift, but I must say I am not that interested in trying anything else at the moment. Banzai has the Vive, I believe.

Having a decent graphics card and ram makes a different. Check out this forum for VR users in BOS. Once you get the bug of VR, I then just tweaked everything to try and get the magic 90 frames of smoothness. Rift here as it’s meant to be clearer but there are new ones with higher res coming but again you need a very decent Gpu for them or 1080 TI in SLI.



I have a 1080 I’m willing to sell at mates rate if interested before I put it on eBay.