Oculus users - losing window focus'/accidental Alt-tabbing?

Anyone there having the same issues with Oculus (or even Vive) in that occasionally you will find your stick movements have no effect on the controls? Think its related to the janky SteamVR and which ‘window’ it thinks is your sensor of interest (SOI) so it seems to randomly decide to shift your mouse focus/active window to desktop.

i can recognise it quite quickly now and peek at the keys to swifty Alt-Tab back into the sim but it still can be fatal close to the ground or if your online.

Something to do with SteamVR? Or Steam overlay? Shared keypress or somethinG?

Anyone else ecountered with this issue?

Surprised it has any effect on your joystick? maybe I’m getting the wrong of the stick :wink:

It happens when your mouse goes out of the DCS window and you try and click. I had it happen the other day and I ended up crashing because I hadn’t realised. Just seemed like I had lost control of the aircraft.