Occulus Rift?

During the last couple of years I have seen a few post in EAF about Occulus rift.
I would really like to know how many EAF members that have one and fly with this?
Does it Work with all flights sims or just a limit selection?

Can it replace a good monitor for simming?

as far as i know only Brigs…

flight sims have to support it nantively.

unless you want to use it as a simple monitor paired with a track-ir (don’t know the effect tough!)

Nepe I believe with DCS, the res isn’t there yet but with the crystal cove, this should be much better. I bet you’ll need a decent card to. Early days though. Cod doesn’t support it but BOS is meant to but not implemented from what I’ve heard.

Only DCS supports OR and for NVidia cards only. CoD and TF have no immediate plans to implement support and BoS is now out since OR dropped support for DX9. Which means BoS will never work unless they port to DX11, which they said they won’t do. War thunder has some support, but I read DK2 is not working well.

OR: The Good.
It really does put you in the game. Once strapped on you really do feel like you are inside the game rather than looking at it on a screen. In that respect VR is mind blowing.

OR: The Bad
The resolution is too poor to be usable for Full real. Gauges are hard to read. The retail is supposed to have a better res, but IMO it needs at least 4k.
The bottom line is I can live with the res but it is very far from ideal.
The biggest issue though for me is nausea. 1st person shooters are fine, but anything involve fast motion makes me feel very nauseous after a few minutes and I have to remove the headset to settle things down.
This has been a problem since the beginning and it’s still there.

Do you have nausea also with DCS and flight sims in general?

i’m waiting the developers make it better… but i’ll buy it for sure…

Not quite sure what the question is asking…but

I have no nausea when playing any games normally, nor do I get travel sick or air sick. I have been seasick probably just once in my life on the ferry to the Isle of Wight. But I’ve also crossed the channel to Calais a few times and also to Hook of Holland, while drinking madly and felt no ill affects. I also have a few hours in Cessna’s and ride motorcycles quite fast :slight_smile:
So I don’t consider my self to be predisposed to illness or have a weak stomach.

But in OR any fast random motion type experience soon leads to nausea. Not just DCS, I have tried a few roller-coaster rides in OR that have made me immediately nauseous. DCS takes a little time. I must say that I am not alone, nausea has been a problem since day one with OR and they still haven’t squashed that. I have a feeling that is why OR is gently moving away from games and looking at more media type experiences.

The reason I have access to a DK2 is that my eldest son is a big Minecraft and Team Fortress fan. OR has been supported in those titles since the beginning and continue to be very supported.
He paid half and I paid half, mainly because he didn’t have all the cash and I was interested to see what OR could do.

For simming, I’m not super impressed and found the res a massive issue as well as the nausea. @1080p which it is now, 960x1080 per eye is still much too small a res. Because your eye is so close to the screen you can see individual pixels even at that res. Crystal cove is supposed to have a better res, but IMO 4k is the minimum I’d like to see to clear up the screen.

Also there is no real support for flight sims at the moment, DCS is the only Sim successfully working in OR right now. BoS has dropped support permanently, which also means RoF too, Team Fusion have no plans to implement it yet (if ever) either.

In all honesty if I had a demo of the headset before buying and it was just going to be for me, I wouldn’t have bought it.

In fact if the headset was all mine, it’d be for sale.

As a comparison…

I get seasick very easily, all my life. In car, bus, plane and boat.

But when I tried the Oculus demo, including the roller coaster (that was awesome), I didn’t get any nausea, at all. I spent like 20 min with he OR.

BoS makes me sick to the stomach… :roflmao:

I have not… but consider the future.
Don’t get seasick easily nor had problems while flying with airliners.
Surely I will consider to buy it when the resolution would be increased and my favourite games supported.
How could it be keep turned my neck while trying to escape to a 109 on my tail…wow!!!
Hope if I will buy it not to be nausea affecetd

The problem is that only DCS has support right now.
BoS is out, it will never support OR because they continue to develop in DX9 which OR does not support.

CloD has a chance, but only if TF pick it up. They have said they don’t see it as necessary right now.

BOS can’t even if they wanted to, OR dropped support for DX9, and BOS is DX9 (unfortunately but 777 seem to be stuck in the past as far as graphics goes - They did pull out maximum from DX9 by the looks of the game, but that will look pretty bad 5 years from now compared to DX12 games that will also run faster).