Not a simulation this time!

Last monday I’ve got the opportunity to spend a day with my friends in the Army (someone of you might remember them, as we visited them last year together). This time the issue was an article that I have to write for a magazine. Definetly it was exciting, as after getting the clearance from the Armi HQ’s, I got the opportunity to fly… on a AB-205 Huey, in formation with two AW-209C Mangusta:)

Here you can see some pics. I will publish in the future many others, but for the time being I have to reserve them for the magazine. This is are only a few of them, just to give some feeling to my fellow EAF friends. :cool:

Ready to take off

The two AW-209C Mangusta (moongoose) in formation flying

Such a sexy lady!

On board of the Huey, tactical flying on the river, with back doors open (It’s not Mekong delta! It’s northeern Italy)


Helo flight veterans

realy Cool!

You sure are a lucky one Bear! :smiley:

Good one, Bear!! Happy you had such an experience:)