Noisy Fan

I’ve a problem with a noisy fan (not the type you get at football matches).

Last year, one of the fans for the memory in my system started to get noiser, until in the end it was making more noise than a whole rack of PC’s put together. I drowned the thing in WD40 and that worked for a day or so, then the banshee noise was back. Next I tried 3 in 1, this lasted a little longer, but was very difficult to apply and I ended up smelling like a bike shop.

Now the noise is back and I’ve gone for the WD40 approach, but I’m expecting the howling to begin in the middle of Monday’s flying, so any advice would be appreciated.

WD 40 probably dispersed what grease was remaining in the fan bearings. 3in1 is probably going to be too thin to remain for long. Next step up would be some form of grease, or engine oil. What weight would be hard to say though and effectiveness would depend on what the state of the bearing is now.

Try some engine oil.

Then look for a quality replacement fan.

Just replace it :slight_smile:

Alternatively if possible take it apart and apply some silicone grease, the sort that is applied to your joystick during assembly, generally white or off white in colour.

uhmm i think the easiest option should be pump your sound volume up :smiley:

engine oil … i suggest the one used for sewing machines (its a really thin solution, but works even at highest speeds)

or i use Ballistol for take care of my firearms: should be a fair/cheap option too


PS: i’d have used WD40 too the 1st time, beside its based on a corrosive components: when a problem comes back i usually preferr try to find a longer lasting solution

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give some engine oil a go.

Just replace it :slight_smile:

I would, but its a Corsair three fan assembly for the memory chips, only one of the fans is noisy. Its not something I’d normally purchase and came with the system.

Engine oil…done.

Job’s a good 'un.

Thx all.

OK, now check air-fuel mixture and give injection system a check…your mileage should increase now…:wink:

Although Engine oil will do as a short term solution Keets, I should have perhaps mentioned that the increased physical resistance to rotation from the thick oil might have the long term effect of increasing the heat in the fan motor, leading eventualy to that failing.

although … if the bearing is warm… the oil will work better… dang…

definatly a suck it and see kind of thing.


You will be lucky if it doesn’t kick off again Keets in my experience, once they start

its a Corsair three fan assembly for the memory chips

RamGuy at the Corsair user forums might get you sent on a replacement, let me look as it’s you-

Corsair’s very friendly and helpful and RamGuy especially, maybe give them a shout (PM RamGuy) and see if they can help?

Before you do some damage with that hot oil with the fumes :slight_smile: (oil evaporates, keep adding it and you’ll fill the case with sludge eventually, or your output fans wil get sticky so dust-laden)