No interest in DCS MB-339A Aermacchi?

I was sure there would be some talk about the MB-339A Aermacchi after todays DSC newsletter, but I guess no-one here is interesten in a boring old jet trainer. :rofl:


looking forward to paint it with this livery!

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we used a lot the mod and are in contact with some of the developers!
i think many of us will buy it!


FOR SURE!! :grin: We really used the mod quite a lot for a period

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Now !

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Dovevo farlo, un pò perchè potevo e lo volevo…e un pò per supportare chi lo ha fatto come mi diceva oggi Jimmy, ha ragione!!

Lo prenderò ma non ora, troppe spese. Al max per Natale, ma prima o poi faremo formazione col 339. :heart_eyes:

p.s. purché faccia il lomcovak, altrimenti non lo compro :grimacing:

con questo ci facciamo un po’ di formazioni strette strette eh!
vicini vicini :slight_smile:

Bene bene bene!!! Figurati quando poi esce il G91

@51Squadron I am on TS for some trials with the 339 if anyone interested!

No interest for me…I will pass this one and also the G91.

do not forget to post the pictures and the video :wink:

few shots from @EAF51_Cappe perspective: