Night missions in the Harrier

Been trying this out more but can’t seem to get any lock with the Mavericks either with the Tpod or DMT at night. Whats the trick?

Got the Flir on the hud and using the NVGs, even managed to land on the carrier at night, its just these dam Mavericks. There are loads of versions, anyone also got a list of what they are all used for/differences?


It will depend what model of AGM-65 you are using, you need to use the AGM-65D as it has IR tracking. Then you’ll probably need to switch the TPOD to IR too, the DMT doesn’t really work at night (or at least it didn’t when it was released in DCS) We’ve not done night missions much, it doesn’t lend itself to flying with people who don’t have the Harrier! Not too many have NVGs. You still need to use the same procedure to lock up from the TGP and you do with the DMT:
[li]Lock target in TGP
[/li][li]Uncage Maverick
[/li][li]Sensor Select forward
[/li][li]TDC Action to lock
[/li][/ol]That’s how I do it.

If you’re about tonight we can do a night mission online.

Also, depending on the type of target LGBs can be a better bet for night attacks. They will track a moving target if set to ‘Point’ rather than ‘Area’ targetting.

Night time is a bit porked, there’s a bug with the harrier, if you switch off defered shading it works properly but the game looks crap, but then again you can’t see much in the dark, but it looks a lot better looking through the FLIR, in the hud
Also if you have a cold start the TGP will not go into point track, but it will track from a hot start on the ramp

From ED forum
This is with Reffered Shaders ON. Turn it off and the flashlight, landing/taxilight, Laserbeam and FLIR will work as intented. This is a known bug.

Types of Mavericks
A/B: Electro-optical guidance
H/J/K: charge-coupled device
D/F/G: infrared homing
E: Laser guidance