Nice update coming

Hello everybody,
another hard working week has passed. Since we finished physics optimizations for AI controlled aircraft, AI revision for all the planes in the game was mandatory. During this revision, their piloting and attack maneuvers were improved in many ways. As the direct result of this, update 2.007 will bring not only the double performance level of AI controlled aircraft (meaning that the same number of AI planes will require twice less CPU time), but also the improved quality of AIs - there will be a lot less jerky movements, AI handling will be more fluid.
Fw 190 A-3 physics revision is finished and will be included in 2.007 update as well.
Our artists have finished He 111 H-16 3D model and its weaponry is already recreated in the sim, including the German 13mm MG 131 machine gun which is new for our project. You can see the accuracy of its bullet flight modeling on the following graphs:
The new He 111 H-16 looks even more interesting and deadly than its predecessor. The main advantage of its defensive weaponry is the fact that all its machine guns (excluding the nose gun) are belt fed. 13 mm belt fed machine gun firing both armor piercing and high explosive rounds is very dangerous for enemy fighters. The bottom fire pit with twin barreled MG-81Z machine gun provides a good defence in the lower hemisphere. Two bomb bay doors allow for a very large payload of small and medium sized bombs. Pilot cabin instrument panel alignment was also changed for a better view of the front hemisphere.
In addition, we finished the Bf 110 G-2 development and start its beta testing today. This means that 2.007 update will bring this plane and other announced additions to your PCs pretty soon…

Great news Swoop!

Can’t wait to flight test the new FW190. All I want is some indication of when I’m about to stall and just a little more turn performance, so I can put my nose on a bandit at somewhat slower speeds. Now I can’t do anything aggressive below 550 km/h and that’s almost too slow. I have great turn radius at 200km/h, but all it takes is a little too much back pressure and she drops a wing. This has taught me to be very smooth on the controls.

Also happy about less twitchy AI. This will be more realistic for sure.

Ai smoothness sounds good.

Has been driving me bonkers saddling up on a MiG-3s six, get in range and then watch it spasm and jerk all over the place…