Next Week..

I’ll mostly be playing something like this… nice vid on you tube with a sombre message.

Are those in game graphics Trooper?

If so I may be joining you :slight_smile:

I got the original ArmA years ago but never got into it… perhaps its time to try again

Love AA… and yes, in game graphics… some of the HD vids on you tube are superb…
look at these two vids, the first is just showing the capability of the mission editor to put shed loads of aircraft into the sky… just like independance day…lol!
Then look at this night attack in the second vid… having taken part in quite a few, they have got the confusing nature and pandemonium off to a tee!

If I have any money left at the end of summer, I have to buy myself a new PC… :eek:

I absolutely loved the first one… I’ve got AA2 on order at and it should be released this Friday… (fingers crossed, in fact everything crossed!)…
Although it still has the odd problem with AI…(in fact which game doesn’t…?) the AI is much improved non the less, graphics have been enhanced further… (lets face it, the first one was stunning anyway).
With a good sound system, this is as good as it gets for modern infantry combat!
Looking at some of the forums ie, Armed assault info and sim hq’s AA forums… alot of AA’s original maps are still compatible with AA2. :eek:

I really like ARMA1, but haven’t actually played it all that much, my stationary PC isn’t totally up to running it (it’s playable, but just about), and on the laptop it’s unfortunately worse. :frowning: I did play it a little on the PC I built for mom and dad this christmas, and it’s actually pretty good on that one, and I might play it quite a bit this summer. Maybe I will have played through the campaign at least once before it’s time for #2! :smiley:

Good firefight here, lots of confusion and noise… good to see the player has stayed in first person throughout!.. Although he does stay static far to long in one position and fires too many rounds without changing his location on occasion…

However, the players situation awareness would have been enhanced if he had been using trackir… I used it with the original AA and it makes a huge difference to keeping formation, keeping track of targets, the ability to check all around but still keeping your weapon facing the threat etc…

Time is yomping on and I still haven’t talked of Warfare (a skirmish mode that blends soldiering with RTS base building) the single mission supply (slim but containing gems), or the fact that ArmA II is already being leapt on by an army of talented vehicle-crafting, behaviour-tweaking, mission-authoring modders. I’ve yet to mention how thrilling it is to skim stunning spruce forests in speeding choppers and gaze down at raging random engagements. There’s a thousand more things I could say to justify my hearty recommendation of this incomparably rich war sim


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Posted today from… got itchy fingers already! :smiley:

Ordered and on way, looks like there will be a grunt section in EAF soon :roflmao::wink:

There is a grunt section of EAF, the EGF (European Ground/Grunt Force).


Demo promised soon

Training etc


Good find mate… :smiley:

I’m up for this one Dave, ancient (but quite fit, quite hard) hippy applying to join your squad. Morphine on the battlefield they’re all at it :slight_smile:

EGF I mean of course but it’ll be useful to be led by someone who does this stuff for real

Puff was asking about tankers joining up nearby, that’ll be cool too in Arma2


Posted this morning, or so the e-mail said.
Doubt it will be here by tomorrow but I can live in hope :smiley:

I’ll get it at some point { got a wedding and stag do coming up this month :slight_smile: } and then Tanks and choppers for me …with the occasional sniper thrown in lol

Well i ordered my 1 on Friday and it come today so am very happy i am just about to play it now so i will get back to you as to how good it is.


Having used Operation Flashpoint and the earlier version of Armed Assault, I have to say I am pretty astounded by AAII…
There aren’t many games that make me feel that I’m ‘actualy there’ and part of whats going on on the screen, but this has me pretty much enthralled.
Staying in 1st person perspective and cutting about is excellent. One minute I’m racing past civilians who are trying to get on with their lives as my platoon is ‘clearing’ their dusty old village, next I’m weaving through several bleating goats that have scurried out and are in the way…
Someone reports a sighting of possible enemy, so I slow it right down as I approach several old shacks… checking left and right to make sure I am still covered by the blokes in my fireteam I nearly leap off the chair when some squawking and clucking hens come barging out…lol!
Finding myself at the edge of the dwelling I lay down in the grass which is covered with little blue and yellow flowers further out in the meadow and start scanning for the bad guys out by the treeline 200m away… wait a minute… movement!
As I look [COLOR=darkred]through my sight I’m amazed to see its a hare… darting out from the wood and playing on the grass![/COLOR]
I’m watching this and listening to the breeze and birdsong… insects buzzing by, along with stray leaves and seeds/pollen floating around and I’m just mesmerised!.. what a treat… and I haven’t even shot anyone yet!! :smiley:

Are they trying to get you to be less agressive, a kinder, gentler Trooper? :roflmao:

what a treat… and I haven’t even shot anyone yet!!