News from the front

Yes, rumors about my demise have been greatly exaggerated…

(I always wanted to say that :D)

Problem is, Im still trying to find a place to live in Dublin. 3 weeks in hotel make you look at life with different eyes…and not better.

I hope to find something soon, set up a new computer and be back son in the air with you.

Take care, you band of brothers.

Happy to listen this…
Have a Great Fun in Dublin and Congrats for your new adventure!:banana::cool:


Torna presto Nepe!! :wink:

Waiting for you Carlos!
And keep us informed.

Take care Nepe! :slight_smile:

Are difficult times for everyone, courage Nepe, I wish you well.

Always tought living in a hotel would be nice! (For a short time…)

Take care Nepe!

A presto Carlos.

Good luck getting sorted paddy aka Nepe ;), will be great to see you flying with us again in an SE (hopefully on the same side this time :))

How’s the Guinness?

When in Rome, Carlos…

Slainte! :smiley:

Finally got a place to live in :slight_smile: Today I started building a new PC, but it will take some time until I have everything ready. But should be flying again in a few weeks.

E noi saremo qui ad aspettarti!! :wink: :slight_smile:

Prenditi tutto il tempo! :o

great news!!!

Coincidentally just after your first St Paddy’s day holiday yesterday.

How’s the hangover??? :slight_smile:

Benissimo Nepe!!!
Ti aspettiamooooooo

Isn’t it a prisonable offence not to get pissed on Paddy’s day in Dublin?

I hope you obeyed the law Nepe :slight_smile:

Good new my friend :smiley:

Great for your new place Carlos!! And yes, we miss you here!!:smiley: