News from Spain

Hi all

Sorry for the little activity from my side. All good here, almost 8 weeks now in lockdown in Madrid, expecting to be able to visit friends next week.

Regarding flight simming, evertyhing takes ages for me to do !! This week I have been setting up voice attack for its use with VR. Took me weeks to fix my problems (related to having a second account in my PC just for gaming…doh!)

This afternoon Ill try to have a flight offline and keep setting keys etc What I can´t see is myself in a dogfight, seems that I need to tweak my graphic settings A LOT before I am able to dogfight again.

Anyway, talk to you tomorrow night



Which sim are you using Carlos now?? I’m so happy to hear you from here and yesterday on TS!

Grazie :slight_smile:

I am testing both IL2 and DCS with VR. The flying is amazing in VR, but the graphics are poor. Im considering going bacl to TrackIR

One of these days I will ask for help to set my IL2 sim

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i had problems spotting targets both in DCS and Box.
both sims have LOD problems! (the way they show dots and then larger and larger 3d objects as they get closer) both in 2d and in 3d.
The only one who got that right imho is clod.

but in the end i solved them using Sir graphic settings in BoX
(and custom icons on selected servers in DCS)

with my odyssey i can read both gauges, and spot targets and navigate the map both in DCS and Box!
the main problem is flying defensive and keeping track of bandits…

DCS is much more hardware demanding while BOx is forgiving!!!

Don’t give up on VR, Carlos! After a few flights you’ll see that is so much better than a flat monitor!
Graphics might be poorer but the depth perception that VR gives you more than compensate for that, making everything easier.

One thing that I found helps a lot is to have a button on the stick or throttle assigned to “VR zoom”: I use it a lot for identifying aircraft and even more for spotting ground targets…

Grazie Banzi :slight_smile:

I’ll do that. My problem is twofold:

  • in the ground, and this is particular in DCS. graphics tilt. like when I am in cocpkit I look around the airfield lamps and the fences “move”
  • in the air, it is difficult to spot (but I had that in TIR too, must be my old eyes) and I get double vision on bandits when they are close. That, and jagged aircraft look awful.