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Hello all!

My name is Michał aka Neptune. I am 29 years old. I am from Poland and I have just joined EAF as a Trainee.
A little bit about me. I work as a programmist, I am married, I like board games and I am currently learning playing piano.
About my flight simulator experiance. I am totally new. I have 35 hours in Il2-Sturmovik BoS. I started flying on Yak, but then switched to Bf 109-G2 and spent in it most of my time. Till now I have been playing mostly career and some single missions.
About the equipment: I am playing on Thrustmaster 160000 Joystick only, but I have ordered a throttle recently and I can’t wait for it to come :). In the future also I would like to buy delanclip as trackId alternative, but you know, money doesn’t grow on tree :).
I forgot to mention that for now I have only Il2-Sturmovik BoS bought, no any other DLCs.

I hope to learn a lot from you guys and have many great hours of flying!


Ciao Michal and welcome !!!

Neptune…mmm…is a nik most suitable for “World of Warships” :grin:

If you can take, the DLC “Battle of Bodenplatte” & " Battle of Kuban", they are the best :+1:

Ciao Michał and welcome in our forum!!

Did you already talked with some EAF pilots yet?

Hope you’ll find a good place here! Great suggestion by Triple! Now you should have bodenplatte at 20 Euros, really a good price, i strongly suggest to buy it!

Thank you guys for warm welcome!
I know that my nick might not suit best, but you know, the best are taken ;).
@EAF51_Cappe I haven’t talked to any of the pilots yet. I had just a short conversation with Starfire via e-mail. Should I now contact someone from OTU?
And about the Bodenplatte at 20 Euros, where can I find such price? :smiley: I know there was a sale on steam some time ago (then I bought BoS) and I was waiting for another in July to buy other packs.

Unfortunately, the discounted game is no longer available :roll_eyes:

well just read our rules

and if you agree to respect them…
well welcome home :wink:

Hi Neptune welcome on board!

I have read them before I sent my application :slight_smile: I do agree to respect them.
@bianco2_EAF51_20 Hello to you too! :slight_smile:

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Hi Neptune, welcome!!

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@EAF51_Cappe, @Jimmi_EAF51 as I see you guys are in OTU, can you tell me what are the procedures for me to start training? I mean should I contact some officers from OTU or I will be assigned to any of you and I just need to wait?

P.S. Sorry if answers for those questions are somewhere here, I just couldn’t find them.

Waoh! A trainee eager to train makes TOs happy!

Usually we plan a day and we start!
in the old times it was monday and thursday, but right now they are squadron nights…

So i think it’s better if we can find some other night!

i’ll gladly train you, but beware i have a 3 months old baby boy, so my flight time is very limited and erratic… (but probably we’ll be able to schedule some quick around 40 minuts training!

Great! So till Sunday afternoon I am out of town and I don’t have access to my computer but later on I should be available. Maybe Tuesday is ok for you?
And one question: Is there a way to send here a private message somehow?

I’ve added you to the Trainee group…
You should be able to see the Trainig and Tactics forum!
i’ve opened a thread for you over there!

sure just click on any name in the thread and hit the big message button

otherwise you can click on your icon top right of the forum, and click on the letter icon twice
new message
and in the recipient field star typing the name. the froum usually should offer to auto complete it…

I can see Trainig and Tactics forum, thanks! And about the message button I’m confused, I was looking for it but it wasn’t there… Nevermind, I will try to catch you then through private message.

when i hit on your name…

Yes, it is there now, but I meant that before I asked question I was looking in that place also and the button wasn’t there like I haven’t got rights to acces it :slight_smile:

ah yes could be!
this forum will give you more and more “powers” the more you use it and the more he feels you are part of the community and not a troll or a bot :joy: :joy: :joy:

Same situation for me Neptune! I will happily fly with you for training reasons! Better if during the week out of official nights! Do you already have acces to the wiki?

Super, sounds great :slight_smile:
Yes, I got now access to wiki.

Hi Neptune, welcome to EAF. EAF training course is the best in the world with competent and patient instructors, so if you read up well, apply what you’ve read and follow your instructors advice I am sure you will be flying “operationally” in a few weeks. With a tag like Neptune it sounds like you have a feel for nautical things like Seafires, Wildcats, Hellcats & Corsairs or maybe you prefer to sink ships rather than blowing up tanks & buildings ?