New Spitfire Movie........

Hi, I worked on a new Movie about the Spitfire XIV for FS2004.

Hope you like it.

Here is the link:

[Click here]( Spitfire.WMV)


Lovely scenery.

I guess this is a sim for ‘relaxing’ flying (in other words nothing to shoot or be shot at)

very nice and beautifull sound score :slight_smile:

good job


It’s simply FS2004 :frowning: …but I like the camera options better than IL2.
You can make better Movie’s.

Maybe some cut’s from FS2004 in a IL2 Movie can have a good effect.
But you right…there is no action.

I thinking about to make a Movie with some Cut’s from FS2004 and IL2.

With that trick you have good flying scenes and great combat scenery’s.


Yeh there is no action but with the realism turned all the way up on all counts and some nasty weather it is just as hard work :slight_smile:

side winds when landing is something they should put in IL2…

i was most shocked, and keep being shocked when I see the runway sailing off to the left of me when I am heading straight ahead :slight_smile:

Have to land bloody sideways its mental…

good stuff though, doing a tour of europe in my Spit atm :slight_smile:

Flew Booker (home airfield) to Calais, Calais -> Paris now I am at a small airfield on my way down to the border with Spain where I intend to fly to Madrid and work my way to Malta… (If I am feeling brave I may try and get to Africa :o while I am down there etc)

Then off to Italy up through Hungary etc and towards Germany.

I am flying all the time with zero time compression at about an hour a time, so this journey could take a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont know about FS2004…but very nice Sig you got there Insight

:smiley: Yes Insight, I do the same sometimes…FS2004 is only for Hardcore Pilots…oneday I flow…from Stuttgart- New York in realtime…it was like the 40km Maraton :roflmao:


but very nice Sig you got there Insight

Thx Brig m8 :slight_smile: