New PSU and Fanspeed


I’ve just bought a new PSU, and it has this fancy off/on power switch.

I wonder if I turn the PSU off when I’m not using my computer (during night for example) Will its lifetime be increased?

I’ve just downloaded Speedfan, which checks temperature and can set the speed of my CPU and external fan. Since I do not bother the noise, and I want to keep my pc cool, I want to have them at around 80-100% fanspeed all the time. Will this decrease their lifetime or is it no difference having them on 40% or 80%?

I wonder if I turn the PSU off when I’m not using my computer (during night for example) Will its lifetime be increased?

In general Stuntman it is the switching-on and switching-off that causes parts to fail. The sudden current surge, the lightbulb fails ‘pop!’ when you turn the light on or off… in the armchair you do not suddenly find you cannot read the paper :slight_smile: (there is a famous lightbulb still running after many many decades because it has never been turned off)

Modern power supplies though have a ‘soft-start’ function to minimise this current surge and ‘switched-mode’ power supplies are very efficient. So yes, the lifetime of equipment is generally longer if they do not suffer the inward current-rush (current spike) of the mains switch

Hotter components fail first but under some critical temperature a little hotter is ok, silicon is glass and aluminium/copper are metals they can take it. But both dislike the current rush.


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Any idea on the second question?

in my experience cooler is always better, and i find my fans change speed depending on the task im doing, playing games i can hear them go to high speed, on desktop i hear them wind down a little, i dont know if it prolongs life but it certainly helps to stop crashes and auto shutdowns due to overheating.

Fans will by nature wear out faster if spinning faster … they are doing more rpm so travelling more miles for a given time if you like. Temperature also has an effect on life.
Having said that, lifetimes of fans is generally pretty high nowadays, its more important that the pc is cooled as fans are cheap to replace :wink: they will still likely outlast the components they are cooling :wink:

You should be able to set the cpu and external fanspeed from bios to 100% without speedfan.
If you have an nvidia card, I used to use rivatuner to set the graphics card fan to vary according to temperature as I think nvidias fan speeds are generaly too conservative.
IIRC ATi Tool does similar for ATi cards.
Of course the trick is to balance noise vs cooling which is why many cpu, psu and gpu fans have temperature controlled speeds :slight_smile:

Thx for helpful info!:smiley:

I’ve found a noise vs effect ratio at 100% PSU and 80% External Fan, Now I need to check my ATI vid card manager to get the vid card fan speed up as well. :slight_smile:

second question?

The fan thing is Majik’s domain Stuntman he’s very excellent on getting the best out of machines


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