New problems.....No airfields to choose in trainingmissions.

the problem with autoupdate for HFSX is solved but now i got a new problem.

Starfire help me with gunnerymission with this problem but i get the Testing Tournament for Ground Pounders missions and want to practice with but is no airfields ??

anyone have any ideas what is wrong ?

This is a good old Coop mission Mas

maybe my misstake but it’s still no airfield even if i put them in coops

Hi Mas, I didn’t make a home base because in this race, both a blue and a red take off from the same airfield. Load it up as a coop and select either of the race planes and you will be shown the route including take off point. There are a few static cameras placed about the rout so switch on externals and cycle through the route cameras with CTRL F2

Oh, and ignore the B17’s, they are only there for spectators to the race.

ok as i say my misstake but the problems still there in DF missions.

Here’s a dogfight version. South base (the main one) has only the aircraft that we will probably use in the tournament.

The other 2, target airfields, have all aircraft available.

Have fun :cool:

Sorry for all this. It was me who have mess up folders with ccops and DF. to long time inactive and have forgot about it.

No worries, Mas. We’re all here to help.

well now that your technical problems are solved its time to join then gang online. It will be fun to fly with you.

yesterday i also found out that my CH Pro Pedals was not working correct but i found what was wrong.
So now it’s time for set up TIR and TS but for now i will only have connection to ts and later i maybe need some help with wisperchannels or what you guys using thesedays.

need a lot of practice to get all the buttons in the Cougar back in my bones again, so. Coop missions i have all left from old days about 600 missions i think :slight_smile:

looking foward to fly with you all soon.