New pilot looking for a advanced fighter training squad

I have registered on these forums as I would like to find a squadron to dedicate my self to.

I live in Brazil,I am 17 years of age and am a novice at Il2. I have had the game for a while but never took it seriously. After couple hours flying recently I realized that I want to play this simulator more, with guys that know what to do.

I am looking for a Active Squadron, that will take me from where I am now to another level of seriousness and skill. In return I will be an active member and dedicate my self to the community.

I’m taking off and landing quite well (Single engine fighters) and I have set my Joystick and its software to the most perfect condition.

I sent a message a time ago via email to EAF, you guys assigned me to OTU, but as I could not appear I probably received the KIA status.

Here is the message:


LAST NAME: Rawllings



DOWNLAD SPEED: 4.80 mbps

UPLOAD SPEED: 0.40mbps

PING: 238ms

*note: Connection DATA provided by, from actual country to Oslo, Norway.

DATE OF BIRTH: 06/04/1997 (mm/dd/yyyy)

HARDWARE: Dual Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz, 4gb DDR3 RAM, Graphical resources ON-BOARD

FLYING EXPERIENCE: Low-scaled Radio Controlled Aircrafts (6% scale Cessna, 6% scale P-51D, 6% scale Spitfire),
Paraglider trainee

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English (Capable of being understood), Spanish (Not so good)

SOFTWARE: IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, v4.11m, on Hyperlobby. Uses TeamSpeak, Raidcall and Ventrillo

PHERIPHERICALS: Logitech Xtreme 3d Pro (Axes X,Y and Z on a single stick), C3 Tech Headphone (with microphone)

Nicolai Hagen replied me, with a annexed .doc welcoming instructions:

Dear Mr. Rawllings

I have regret that I have been unable to get back to before, but the situation is unusual. It is not often that we receive recruits from outside Europe as the latency is a killer and our training hours are many time zones apart.

We will just have to see how it goes. As of this e-mail you are now a recruit in European Air Force and a trainee in the Operational Training Unit. Please read and follow the instruction in the attached document.

Best of luck and welcome,


Flt.Lt, X/O OTU

Thank you to any squadron that will be interested in having me.


Erich (Rawllings)

Come on, 60 views and no replies?

I wanna fly with you guys!

Anybody there?

Sorry Erich there was some misunderstanding in who had to replay to you!
We would gladly accept your request but there are some problems.

  1. The timezone. I think it would be difficult for you participate to the squadron life due to the timezone difference…
  2. In last months we have moved to a different flight sim. Right now we are using mainly il2 Cliff of Dover. Unluckily i doubt your computer specs would allow you to run Cliff of Dover…

When you can run Cliff and attend to our activities Monday and Thursday 21.30 Central European Time we will reconsider your request.

my advice is to look for another squad that flies IL2 in your timezone.
(ps consider that il2 is losing players to newer games like CLiff of Dover, Battle of Stalingrad, DCS and Warthunder)

Hi Erich,
i was going to suggest you the same thing, try to search for a squad in your timezone.

Actually even without the computer specs problem, it would be much difficult for you to fly at our 21.00, because for you that means flying at least at 2-3 o’ clock PM.