New movie project

I have been working on a new movie called ‘Brothers in Arms’ and hope to release it next month.

It is a true story about how men from different nations end up in the skies during 1949.

But now, I see that we also have a Brotherhood in EAF and with other flying friends, and as such I hope it will be a fitting tribute to Italo and all the international friends he has made.

Here is a teaser: Brothers In Arms Teaser

Keets has been working on some fine skins for the movie: Keet’s skins

And I am pleased to be working with another friend, Wiley, who is writing the screenplay.

Whizz will also be doing a campaign tie in.

Nice, lookin forward to it, makes me feel all warm inside!

Sounds interesting, when I read the post, I was confused by the '49 reference, but the teaser explains.

Working with Wiley? Didn’t he do some gun cam shorts?

Appetite well and truly wetted Joe :o

Looks very interesting mate.

Techy :cool:

Very nice!:slight_smile:
Im really looking forward to this one Joe.

This site may be of interest:
It works with IE, but does not work properly with FireFox

I only found the site because I saw a review of this book:

Note: I have not looked at the book, just a brief review

Nice find Painter, looks like a great resource.

We have done a lot of work on trying to use as much historical fact as possible (within limitations of the game, and trying to tell a good story).

Good work, m8s, really a good work…:banana:

Very nice, looking forward to the finished project!

Interesting project Joe! Lood forward to seeing more!