New Install will not run from Startup?

Well I got the new rig and am trying to Install 1946. For some reason it will not run even when I open the DVD and click on the Startup file? This is the only Game I am having issues with as far as a install.

Got any clues?:confused:

Are you on Vista? If so, have you seen this thread that Ming created with similar sounding issues:

I’ve had trouble a few times with that DVD Oz

There’s a file on the DVD a.exe which is important to run to install and to uninstall. You can copy the whole DVD to a folder on a hard drive

Install and run the sim in Compatibility mode

Get the no-cd crack from gamecopyworld

Look in at SimHQ where there’s more chat about this problem, I saw a Java problem even today Keets. Scary stuff :slight_smile:

Dart recommends getting the 10 quid download, the DVD install is a nightmare for some people me included, thinking on


Do a google on UAC Oz and how to turn it off if it’s being annoying. Ok as it’s you :slight_smile:


I had the same problem once. Cure was simple. I made a temp folder in one o my hd, in it I copied all Il2 dvd files, launched installation from there, and then, just patched the installation with the nocd file. Fast and easy. :slight_smile:

Thanks Redthorn,It worked and I am happy :slight_smile:

You can copy the whole DVD to a folder on a hard drive

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