New fresh meat

Hi I was told to repost my intro from the discord in here as well, so here it goes :smiley:

Hi groupe , my name is Peter Jensen and I was recomended this groupe by my friend Michael Blohm , who is flying with you , as Im resently turned back to ww2 flying , when I had some gear laying around and began to rebuild tweak my simrig for flight simming.

my background is a adult married man with 3 kids from 12 old up to 22 years old from Denmark , some 75 km away from Michael that you know, and is a house painter for a living or a boss for a painting team varing form 8 to 18 painters , with in the company ,doning mostly large projects as office bulidings and apartment complexes :smiley:

my back story with flight sim started with Janes ww 2 fighters back in the day and move through different ww 2 figter games through the years , up til 2000 where I got the original IL2 game the next 5 years I had been flying ww 2 sims along doing sim racing for many years , where the latter took the priorety for a number of years until I transioned into civil aviation sims for about 8 or nine years ago and have spend alot of time with p3d and xp -11 the later years.

this year I have so ventured back to the ww 2 games , as I mentioned that I had some gear laying around ( thrustmaster warthog hotas) and bought the thrusmaster TRP pedal set to go along with the hotas :smile: and started to addapt mounting solutions to my sim rig and installe some of the sim titles I have collected through the years IL2 next gen aka BOS rise of flight and dcs with some ww2 modules , and that I should not have done , as I got bit by the bug again and haven’t looked back :smiley:

so when Michael got a hint about I was up to , he was quick to scoup me up for some multiplay in the war birds.

so the very resent time has gone with adapting my hardware , get it setup the right way , and get back into the sims, as I was quite rusty to hit my marks after a long absens , I was a quite good dog fighter back in the day :wink: so I have some practicing to do , the flying is fine as I have alot of resent experience with that but I need to practice my shooting and bombing skills as the are in the woods at the moment , I im sure I will catch up soon



Hi Peter, welcome. Your pedigree is impressive.
See you in the sky!

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Hi Peter welcome!!

Hi Peter welcome on board!

Can you choose a callsign and change your nickname in EAF_T_YourCallsign on the forum?

In the meantime i will add you to the trainee group!
You’ll have access to the training and tactics reserved forum!
and i’ll create a thread for you!


I tryed to rename my screen namen to EAF_T_Pete , but I dont think it went through if its a admin / moderator thing I would like to change it to either EAF_T_Peter or EAF_T_PJ71

you changed your real name description instead of your usernaeme…

i corrected it for you!

i immagine that when you log out you should use the new username or alternatively your email to log in again. Your password should have remained unchanged.
if you have any tech problem let me know!

Hi Peter, welcome to the camp!

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Hi Peter and absolutely welcome aboard the EAF and 51st squadron’s family!! Hope we can get in touch soon for some training together!

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Im almost there now the last bits for my sim has arrived and installed so when our sommer hollyday is over , im good to go :grinning:

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yeah i spoke with Mike today he told me that you plan to get back in training togheter after the holydays!

let us know and we’ll enjoy a great training!