New Application

Hello everybody!

My name is László ( Rasuro on forums and DC ).

I am from Hungary, and I would like to join your community.

I’ve been flying simulators since Flight Simulator 98, mainly focused on commercial flying and occasionally had a little side step in combat sims like Combat FS, LockOn, Black Shark, IL-2 1946 and some arcade fiddling like Tom Cancy’s Hawx.

I would like to get a little more serious in DCS and / or IL-2 Box.

I am an aircraft engineer for Boeing in real life, and have my degree in avionics and weapon systems so I do have an understanding about aircrafts and flying in general.

I really like the structural training and flying schedule you guys offer, hope I can be a part of this adventure.

Equipment wise I run a decent rig, so running the sims wont pose an issue for me.

I fly on an old Saitek X52 Non Pro, with a TM rudder pedal, and a Track Hat with PS3 Eye.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,



Hei László,

welcome in the forum and nice to see you have experience in sims and aircraft engineering! we are lucky to have aircraft engineer and real pilots too in our family!

I hope to see you soon in the virtual skies! :hugs:

Welcome aboard Laszlo!!
We Fly DCS WW2 Warbirds, you can download DCS beta game, it’s free. There Is into the tf51 Mustang, for a First approach.
See you soon in the Sky!!

Welcome to László!
Glad to hear that IL2 1946 also flies, some of us have not abandoned and we still enjoy Sunday and Tuesday (h.21.00 CET) on Hyperlobby, so if you want to join, you are welcome!
As for the official evenings of the EAF, we see on Mondays and Thursdays (h.21.00 CET) with DCS with allied aircraft.
The P-51is the reference plane you have to have, but you are free to have other modules such as the P-47, Spitfire, Mosquito, ect.!
I invite you to read our rules: EAF Rules - European Air Force and if you are in tune with this, enlist!

OMG finally someone to share some commercial flights activities!! :heart: (only outside EAF :grin: )

Looking forward to fly some WWII piece of engineering with you soon, and discuss about some modern avionic\weapon system once landed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome @EAF_T_Rasuro!

Welcome Laszlo!!
At the moment ED is running a Sale and so if You wanna start DCS WWII could be the right moment.
Our main aircraft is P-51 D

Then our main map is Normandy

And last (but not least as all the mission then make use of it) the WWII Asset Pack

With a slight surcharge compared to a full-price module You will get all You need to start training and fighting with EAF on DCS WWII environment.


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Yeah! another Engineer! Welcome to the club :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have everything outside the assets pack and the open beta, so far I runned the stable version

Thank you, i already sent an enlistment email last week :slight_smile:

The asset pack WW2 Is a must, in my opinion

You need at least to switch on OB (could be done without reinstalling anything). For the asset pack consider that all the MP server requires it and also our training server :+1:

Hi Rasuro and welcome in this group of mad chaps!!

First i hope to fly with you ASAP!

Secondly, if you wanna fly in general with someone on DCS you’d better have the openbeta, since all the main WWII action is there.

Same for the asset pack, they go together with wwII maps and planes!

I think you’d better be quick if sales are still on!

I will send you a pm after you accept our rules as @Chip_EAF51 stated😉

I’ve checked, in fact i do have the assets pack, p51, fw190, spitfire, normandy, so I only need to switch to OB, how can I do that without re-downloading?

I will send You the info.

Ok Rasuro, here is what You need to do:

Open a command prompt with Administrative rights in the bin folder of Your DCS installation (not the one under saved games, the one under program files) and type:

DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta

After this DCS will start to donwload the OB files (only the OB files) and when finished Your release will be a fully Open Beta release.

Thank you, it will be my first thing ad soon as I get home.

Welcome Rasuro!

OB installed, ready to learn :slight_smile: thx for the advice :slight_smile:


Is there any Info when can I start flying with you guys? :slight_smile:

Welcome Rasuro!

you can find us mondady and thursday nights 21.00cet
and sometime on saturdays around 17.oo cet

if you have discord you can join us there EAF Discord Chat - European Air Force

i will send you by pm our TS address
you’ll find a lot of people tonight from 21.00cet!

PS the recruting email is borken… we are fixing it right now