New aircraft release schedule

December: Bf109G-4
January: Bf110G-2
February: He111H-16
March: FW190A-5, plus A-3 Fix and VR
May: IL-2 Model 1943
June: Spitfire Mk. Vb
July: Kuban map
October: Yak-7B + career
November: A-20B + P-39L-1 + Hs129B-2
December: Final release

It seems that your Spitfire will get here a lot before my A-20 :wink:

A-20 will be nice to have! Got to be better than the Pe-2, with itโ€™s stupid prop pitch system!

Whats not to like :banana:
Its American. It comes standard with heating, servo assisted controls, radios that work, nosewheel, powerfull and damage resistant engines (natural and not developer assisted), fire extinguisher and a coca-cola dispenser :roflmao:

I saw a Russian documentary where the Russian pilots praised the A-20 and the B-25 above their own bombers. They felt that it was a luxury aircraft.
Radios that worked - Who would have guessed that was a necessity.
Adequate heating - Crew comfort have never really important to the purchasing department of the military. It was not until the 1990โ€™es that the Danish army purchased an APC with any thoughts on the ordinary soldiers.
Power assisted controls - Who would have thought that crew fatigue effected combat effectiveness :rolleyes: