Need somewhere to upload skins?

A little website I threw together a while back after the demise of IL2Skins, should be easy to use if you’re running out of webspace and need someplace to host your skins.


I will take you up on that:) . Im making new skins for people all over the IL2 community all the time, some of which other people want aswell. Do we have a limited space? Are u a skinner? I think there are a couple of others that dont have there own space to upload that will take you up on that…
Just uploaded to another surver have a look after ive posted them, if you dont like i make indavidual skins on request.
Cheers mate:)
P/O Dan “Aceman” Carey

Lol, the only skins I make are silly ones like my L plated La5 :slight_smile:

The host says I have unlimited webspace so no limits imposed that I know of, as for bandwidth I’ve no idea, they’ve never complained yet…


Nice job, Dano! I downloaded some skins, thanks!

Added another MkVIII today Dano :slight_smile: