Need pilots for a War Thunder BoB movie competition

Hey chaps. I’m participating in another War Thunder video competition, and I need pilots to fly Hurricanes, Spitfires and 109s over the channel!

Could people interested in helping out sign up here please.
I was hoping to gather some group of people to make some staged and unstaged dogfights, good formation flying and attacking LW bombers and escorts.
I will only need the Hurricane Mk I, Spitfire Mk I and 109 E-3 or E-4. If you don’t have all these, then that’s fine and I still need your help. It also takes about an hour to unlock all these aircraft if needed.

I will only record when people have time. I was thinking to record in the evening or later. I’m available every day.

But does Friday and Saturday evening sound OK for most? What about today before the SOW event? And what about next week? Please tell me the day and time it suits you the most.

I hope some people are interested in helping out. :slight_smile:

Of course, I’ll answer the call Stunt’.:smiley:

Signing up.


I’m also in!!
Let us know if you need more footage. We could just avoid the fighting and fly a nice formation.

I still need all pilots I can get! :slight_smile:

I will most likely include Battle of Britain and Malta! So sign up gents. :wink:

Yes we also need nice formation flying in the introduction of my movie. If at least Baz and Apollo are online today (Sat), then I can make some crucial video, where I can also be the enemy 109 at times.

I still need all pilots I can get!

Oh! Signing up again then:p


I changed the subject to the Seige of Malta instead.

Deadline is on Saturday. I have about half the footage I need, if not more.

I’m still missing 2 vs 2 fights between 109 F-4 and Spit Vb. Also some formations flying of 4 Spits rolling over tally ho style to engage.

I hope to finish all movie recording to Wednesday, to use the last days for final editing and emergency recording if something is not right.

If people have time to attend today and/or tomorrow would be great.

Sorry Stunt. I’m not home. I had to work! I’ll be home on Friday at the earliest.
I really wanted to help out and it was quite fun also, hehe :slight_smile:

Well, I may need your help with final scenes that needs polishing. :wink:

Stunt are you too busy to fly SOW Thursday? Good to let off some steam mate.

I hope to attend but I cannot promise anything. :slight_smile: