Nature by Numbers

A stunning use of computer graphics to illustrate a point

If you have an interest in art, visual composition, math or cgi you will want to see this

Thanks you, thank you Painter

Stunning, breathtaking. Im still wondering if humanity will, be able someday to live in a world where technology and Nature can coexist.

Beautiful work.

I think that as a species we have ignored the fact that nature can provide us with a lot more of what we need. Take energy and pharmaceuticals as examples. Nature provides us with wind, wave and solar energy and there are lots of as yet undiscovered natural remedies for a lot of human ailments. But short term thinking and profiteering mean the rich get richer and the poor are doomed to suffer.

I hope oil supplies run out sooner rather than later as it will force us to use what nature has provided us with since time began. But I fear we may well annihilate ourselves in an argument over the last oil reserves.

Lets hope that a benign alien race make contact first and show us the way forward. :slight_smile:


thanks Painter very interesting!!!

Quite lovely Painter, thanks!

Did you know that oxbows are laid down under the set of rules of the Transcendental Pie. Not many people know that Michael :slight_smile:


Take energy and pharmaceuticals

I’m so there mate :slight_smile: