Name that plane

OK, second attempt at posting this…my dad took this pic of a plane flying past Largs on the Clyde coast. What is it?? It looks familiar to me but I can’t get Dornier out my head and that ain’t right I’m sure!



It’s a Messerschmitt Me108 Taifun (Typhoon). :wink:

My father got trained to the 109 in this aircraft…

And its based at Largs…and is flown by my boss at work’s uncle!

That’s what I was thinking, MonsTTer, but the undercarriage looks wrong :confused:

Marsh, it can happen sometimes to mistake the 108 with the Bücker Bü181, another German Trainer…that’s why I checked on some photos: the engine cowling looks unmistakably 108, though you’re right about the weird looking undercarriage panels…:confused:

Its not a 108, or at least not one that i’ve seen. I have photo’s of two, the latter of the two was taken last weekend at Portrush Airshow. I’ve rotated the pic to show the two aircraft from similar angles.(Hope you don’t mind me using Photo in this way Blaze, if you do, pm me and i’ll take it off.)

Although the 108 engine cowling can vary from the one shown to a single air inlet below the propeller boss, it is a different shape than the aircraft shown, also the wingtips, undercarriage and tailwheel are different.

Dunno what it is though:confused:…yet:D


It could be a Casa Buchon, the Spanish built a licensed Me-108, modified it a bit and called it the Buchon.

Am I right?

It looks like a Riddler Ri17, at this point, to me…:roflmao:

Jokes apart, I insist: it’s a Nord 1002, another of the infinite re-dux versions, look at the cowling:

Wasnt the Buchon the 109 variation?

Right Dan, the Buchon is a 109G with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine

The French, after building a Bf108 copy (Nord1000), modified the cowling to accomodate a Renault engine, and the Nord 1002 Pengouin (Penguin) was born…:smiley:


You guys are right, it’s a Nord 1002…

I have to disagree, the wings are too short and tilted up, also they have roud tips.

The runner is taller with a straight leading edge and the elevators have no struts. The tailwheel is also retracted.

I had no idea there were so many variants of the little 108 :slight_smile: The other pic i have of a desert camo 109 appears to be a Nord according to Yahoo Image Search :slight_smile: Although it looks almost identical to the 108.

I agree the cowling of it is the same as MonsTTers photo, but the other parts ar not. Perhaps the Aircraft is a mish-mash due to unavailability of replica 108 parts?


It seem like the Merlin engine got around a lot :smiley:

  • Hurricanes, Spitfires, Mosquitoes, Lancasters, P-40F (Hawk87D), Mustangs (B,D, H) and now 109.

Is it only me that find that desturbing :roflmao:

BTW: The 109 was not the only Axies plane to be produced after WWII. The Fiesler Storch where so good that the Chezk and the French keept producing it.
Quite a feat :wink:

Yes, the Fiesler Storch is a nice plane. Would be awesome to be allowed to have it like a private Micro-Plane!:smiley:

I’m not sure it’s could be catagorized as a Micro-Plane but it’s decent rate is fantastic.
Think about it about driving to work in it :smiley:

Also italian G55 Centauro after the IIWar was assembled with RR Merlin; It took the name of G59 and flown in the early 50’. One of them is actually at Vigna di Valle museum.

We have a Fieseler Storch replica at our airfield…

I’ve never flown it because it’s privately owned, but me and my chaps are amazed everytime when we see it take off and land…

It behaves more like a helicopter;)

Yes its Fantastic in its maneuverability, and its weight is so low that it can be flipped over by strong sidewinds…while stationary!:roflmao:

That’s an Me108 and it belongs to a fellow here in Skelmorlie called Jim Hardy. He’s a lecturer at Glasgow school of art and likes to restore vintage motorcycles in his spare time…and then he restored this in his garage! I kid you not, I had heard someone was restoring an Me something or other in their garden and so one evening I saw the light on and boldly walked up his path to ask him about it. He showed me the covered fuselage and wings and said I was lucky I caught him because he was having it transported to Perth the next day for final assembly and testing. He even said I could have a spin in it sometime, but although I’ve seen him a few times walking his dog he’s never mentioned it again. Oh well, didn’t think he meant it anyway.:o