My Spitfire

I have made a Spitfire in school, which took me about 8 weeks. It’s made from wood and i started from scratch. The skin I have painted, is the 331 cammo skin:) I handed it to my teacher earlier today and I will get the grade in the end of this week.

Here are some pictures…
( If you click on them you can see them bigger;) )

And this is just to show the skin I was looking at while I was painting…

So, what do you think?

It’s ready for BoB. Send it to Oleg ! :smiley:

Thx for sharing the pics Zhibbhi. Nice work.

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Very nice work Zhibbhi

I’m impressed of the painting you did

Nice mate! :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed Zhibbhi! :slight_smile:

Thx guys, I’m very pleased myself:)

nice but the colour is different!

Good work, very nice spitfire :slight_smile:

wow! cool, Zhibbi, exellent work!:slight_smile:

The plane has quality! I’m really impressed!
Best wishes for a good grade on that spit! you deserve it!:w00t:

Thx Stuntman, I’m getting the grade on Monday, we will see then:)

It is Tuesday today, and I wonder what grade you got on your plane?:smiley:

Hehe, I got a 5+ :smiley: (Highest is 6 in the norwegian grade system)

Wow! thats great! extremely good work! and you really deserved that grade!

The plane is just awesome to look at, and it gets even more beautiful since you have painted it yourself, instead of some “pre-paint” fuselage.:wink: that gives the plane more quality, because you have painted it yourself:)

And the plane looks very the same as in IL2! the only slight difference is the colour, but that dont affect the appearance at all! I dont care about the small difference, the plane looks great anyway!:slight_smile:

I hope you are happy with the grade, I’m not so very good at “Kunst Og Håndtverk:p” myself…

Thx Stuntman, I’m very pleased with the grade:D

But instead of a third language I chose that I wanted to be in the “workroom” at school, so I have to years experience;) And I have made another two planes before this one.

Hehe, ok, Zhibbhi. I see that you have a lot of experience with this and can really make great things at the “workroom”:wink:

You have made other planes too? Thats good! May I se them as well?:smiley:

I want to see your other masterpeices!:smiley:

Again, good plane! I think you are going to get much better in the future, so stay with what you’re doing and you will come far with this. If you continue with this and continue building aircrafts for example, I think you will get pretty far with this, so dont stop now!:wink:


Very nice neeb. Those wings look they’ve had a LOT of time spent on them.