My Personal Flyboys Review

Hi fellas I heard Flyboys was not playing over in Europe yet so I will give you a very brief and lame review:

It was good and not too soapy as Pearl Harbor more action than love story. What I found strange was every German fighter was a Red Triplane? The story was about the Lafayette Escadrille. I do not know how authentic it was beside what they used Nieuport 17’s there squadron mascot was a lion and at the end they told of what happened to the Pilots. The graphics were very good there was some real flying but mostly graphics. Even though they were excellent they still leave a artificial look (might just be me?). Tactically at each attack the Germans had the advantage and always came from altitude and out of the Sun (I am still trying to achieve this in IL-2) and more or less used BnZ tactics. In general Flyboys must be seen by any Aviation enthusiast just for the dogfights, it will leave you waiting for the next WW1 PC game so you can battle at 80mph and fly like a kite at the beginning of Aviation history!

What I found strange was every German fighter was a Red Triplane?
:roflmao: Very realistic. :smiley:

Will go see it if it shows up here for sure.

what they used Spads there squadron mascot was a lion

They flew Nieuport17’s in the beginning, which is what they used for the film, Spads came later and their emblem was a Indian Chiefs Head in profile. Another interesting LaFayette fact, Raoul Luftbery (French born US citizen) flew with a large Swastika on the side of his aircraft.

Thanks Brigs, I will change that to the correct Aircraft! :wink:

I just Read about Luftbery, he had a tragic end when his Nieuport 28 caught flames as he tried to clear a jam in his guns he decided better to jump to his death than burn too death…

Thanks for the review Osprey.

BTW, can you write one that’ll make my wife wanna go and see it!!! Just make it up. Something like " a gripping love story with a few snippets of planes, two men take it in turns with Kate Beckensale and then go off on a short suicide mission." etc etc… Just like Pearl Harbour!