My pc is fu***d

Hi all,

my pc seems to be dying. The problem begins yesterday morning: i can play all games normally for 5 minutes (60 FPS) but after that my FPS fall to 10… :mad:

i checked all temperatures and fans and all seems ok, i checked RAM and are ok, no particular software changes (apart from windows update days ago), disks seems good, i tried to reinstall gpu drivers (clean reinstall), run antivirus (got bitcoiner but removed). nothing seems to be affecting my pc but i can play no games without poor FPS also changing graphics settings.

i got stutters also writing in this forum (maybe this is a forum problem).

So consider me out of play until a solution could be found. :frowning:

If you have suggestions write them here and thank you…

Sounds like a fresh install of windows is needed, not a nice option, but maybe a last resort


news: the only thing i can say with a gpu monitor is the 80% of use of GPU without gaming… :eek:

Gpu Ram issue maybe?? pci-e slot miscommunication? Try a different pci-e slot if you have more than one, try a different card on the same pci-e slot and see if the issue persist

That high without gaming!!
Wonder why??

Some guys have had problems with this forum using a lot of resources. Are your browsers closed when you’re gaming? I’ve got a program that shuts down unnecessary applications when in playing. Can’t remember the name of it now. I’ll look for it when I come home.

time to format all… see u next pc life… :cool:

Good luck!

Solved guys! Seems that a repair of the system has removed the problem (finger crossed). no gpu consumption anymore… i tried also 2 games and everything work fine…

A friend of mine says probably it was a miner that activate after 5-10 minutes and use 80% gpu memory.