My only two engagements during one life event

The event lasted 2 hours, we took off and went across the channel to stop allied bomber escorts from reaching France, i damaged a mustang and forced him to run back for repairs, later on i almost got the 47 but botched the shot and he ran away, almost didn’t make it back to Argentan (you can only go back to the base you took off from), second sortie was uneventfull. The replay recorded the right eye but i am left eye dominant so the gunsight wasn’t alligned in the video, i’ll try to change it for the next event. 4YA wants to do it every 2 weeks so not this weekend but the next, on saturday, there is going to be another one so tell your wifes/girlfriends that you are busy, if you can attend and/or have any questions about the event feel free to ask😘


Wow! Your care and caution during engagements give a very realistic feeling to the event, I guess that’s what it’s intended for.
Let’s see if I’ll make it for some of the next evenings!


i think the fact that you only have 1 life makes everyone act that way, it will be awesome to have some experienced guys in a flight with me

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