My little girls :-)

Ciao Mezza pugnetas ehehe

here it is my two little girls (twins) :slight_smile:

I’LL BE BACK Soon :slight_smile:


Hi Cassador!!

Complimenti al papà e alla mamma…very beautiful girls!! :slight_smile:

Ciao papa’!! …e ogni tanto…scrivi sul forum!! :wink:

concrats my friend

2 wonderfull baby girls

Grats Cassador !!

Congratz to mother and father :wink:

Congratz Cassador! You have two VERY beautiful girls there!:slight_smile:

You must be proud!:slight_smile:

You think so!?

Congratulations, Cassa, to you and your good lady :smiley:

Congratulations! :holiday: Twice the Fun! :w00t:

What a beautiful pair of twins! Congratulations!

I know how proud -and exhausted- you must feel: I have girl twins myself.

Congratulations mate, you and Mrs Cassa must be over the moon.

Now the fun starts my friend :smiley: enjoy.

Congratulazioni vivissime, sono bellissime. Auguri al papà e alla mamma! :slight_smile:

Compliments and congratulations Cassa! :banana::banana:

Congrats to you both Cassador! :slight_smile:

I’LL BE BACK Soon :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit!

Thank you m8s :slight_smile:

DrAce niceee to know that you have twin girls :slight_smile: I bet you understand how much work it is eheheh :smiley:


Actually, we have two pairs of girl twins. So yes, I fully understand the load of work.
Enjoy these very first days and take care of your girls, all three of them :wink:

Congratulations to mother, to the small girls and the fortunate father!! :w00t::w00t:
Now I understand because rarely saw you!! :D;)
Have become anchors uncles!!!:smiley:

Congrats mate!

You are going to have your hands full!


Congratulations on your two girls. Hope you like watching Soap Operas. :roflmao:

CONGRATULAZIONI doppia ( twin) :w00t::w00t: pugnetta !!! :banana::banana::banana:

Congrats Cassa!!!
I hope these wonderful little sweet girls will give the greates happiness to you and your wife, but I think they will make you even more crazy…:smiley: