My fps have been cut in half...

In the Black Death Benchmark thread I posted an average of 54 fps.

Today I only get 30. Same settings.

I boot Windows7 and I get the 50 something again.

Catalyst drivers updated to last version, same result.

No other heavy processes consuming processor or RAM.

Any idea? Besides reinstalling Vista, that is :slight_smile:

Looks like its fixed.

Something related with my Radeon4850.

Yesterday I deleted all drivers (using DriverSweeper) and reinstalled, but problem was still there.

Today I used Catalyst to Auto-Tune: it increased GPU clock from 625 to 675 MHz, and memory speed from 993 to 1068 MHz.

And my lost fps came back to me.

So no idea what the real problem was, looked like the card used only low performance (160/250MHz) when playing, instead of max performance settings…its a pity that I didnt use Gpu-Z to log the performance while playing.

Glad to hear you got it sorted out Nepe.

I only get 30.

30 is suspiciously like 60/2

If vsync is enabled and your monitor’s refresh rate is 60Hz Nepe then 30fps (average) is expected, and maximum fps is 60 or lower

When installing updated graphics card drivers, the installer always resets vsync to Enabled

Dear reader you can tell if vsync is enabled by looking at the sky to see if fps goes above your monitor’s refresh rate (usually 60Hz for flatscreens) This is impossible if vsync is enabled.


Original figures were with vsync on. As you say Ming, max was around 60, but still average was 54.

In fact it was not necessary to run all the track, just looking at the first 2 secs you could read 60fps (when everything is fine) or 30.

vsync must be disabled for benchmarking (not for quick-checks of course!) in all benchmarking tests or- we all get the same score :slight_smile:

average was 54



vsync must be disabled for benchmarking

Didnt know that one. Thx!

Everyone with 60Hz monitor screen refresh, if they have vsync enabled, highest fps cannot be more than 60Hz. Ingame framerate locks to monitor refresh rate or integer divisors of monitor refresh rate and can only be 60fps, 60/2 (30fps), 60/30 (20fps), 60/4 (15fps) and so on

If vsync must be enabled (tearing picture in TIR panning) then we can use the triple-buffering tweak

It’s very interesting Nepe this ‘quantisation’ of framerate. Because only some fps (60/30/20/15/12/10fps) are allowed now, 61fps and over becomes 60fps. Very big hit now, 59fps becomes 30fps. 29fps becomes 20fps! There are big gaps in the record :slight_smile: