Multi core and IL2

Just been reading on the net about stutters in IL2 that can sometimes be caused by having a dual core processor. Well I have a dual and I suffer from stutters is there a simple fix?

I have found all sorts of things to download on the www but I’d rather hear from one my fellow EAF’ers a solution to fix the problem.

Thanks all

What chip are you running Classic? If AMD do you have the optimiser installed?,,30_182_871_9706,00.html

second one down. You may also need the AMD WinXP driver software - 3 from bottom on the same page.

I’ve had a X2 4800 and never had any stutters, but I did have the occasional glitch where it would run like a dog in IL2 for some reason - maybe one start in 10 would result in an average fps of 12 as opposed to the more usual 60 odd.

With my current X2 6000 though, even that random glitch is gone and I get no stutters.

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I have also dual core and I have no problem with it. I had stutters in game when I try IL2 under windows Vista only. But I found that it can be corrected by enabling vertical synchronization in graphics setttings of driver of my ATI card.

I’m running the X2 4800+, I’ll try those suggestions, thanks guys.

Microsoft Hotfixes?


I remember reading something about forcing IL2 onto one core and forcing other applications such as TIR, TS and HL onto the other core? is that advisable

I tried it once. The result was without any change in performance.

Thanks Jirka.

Remember that you don’t need dual core to get stutters. They can arise from various sources, but I would have to say that the most common cause from my experience has been issues with the sound card or audio setup

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I got a quad core 6600 @ 3,5 Ghz and a kind of cpu meter on my logitech keyboard…If this shows right, all of the cores are involved when running IL2…maximum 37% on the first and lower on the other three…and no stuttering or so at all (1900x1200, all maxed out btw:))…I got the impression, that the common statement “Il2 can only utilize one core on multicore machines” is wrong, at least when you run it under vista (32-Bit)