Mouse pointer problem

Last few days my mouse pointer for no obvious reason would just move by itself to the far right or the bottom of the screen. (Logitech MX 518) this was my problem last night, my cockpit view just went to the footwell and stayed there, result was a lump of ashes in the ground. I’m using the latest drivers etc and used the logitech help to find a solution. It starts moving by itself after about 15 mins, Virus scan and spyware all negative, any of you come accross this problem before and did you find a lasting solution ? I removed all old reg entries before installing new driver and as a side note I tried an old ball mouse and it was the same problem, next step would be a system repair but at the moment it works ok so any ideas chaps ? Mags.

You don’t happen to have mouse control on your joystick/throttle as well?

Sounds right Mikke

Also some hardware can affect the mouse position. A hard drive loading something in can cause the mouse pointer to track across the screen so eliminate whether this is an Il-2 specific thing or system-wide, try another game to see what happens to the mouse pointer 15 minutes in


Yes I do, that is a very good point I forgot about that, know a solution? Now I think it was after I started using this new stick that the mouse problem arose.

Make sure you don’t accidently push on the mouse stick on the throttle, and that is doesn’t get stuck. Perhaps you can disable the mouse function on the stick?

Could of course also somehow be a problem with the real mouse, but I think starting with the one on the stick is the way to go.