Motherboard advice

Motherboard killed in action (transport flight)

i5 4670k
SSD all the way baby
Will overclock, though not to the limit.

Any advice on best price/performance?


sorry Nepe not much into the market for MB right now…

but usually i check
when i want info

check also this

Nepe also check overclockers when your in the UK… I have found them very helpful… Even if you phone them and tell them your setup and they will advise you.


Thanks chaps

Ordering a Gigabyte Z97X gaming 3, should arrive on Monday…maybe I can fly then!

Im a frakking stupid idiot!!!

Forgot my case does not accept ATX motherboards :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Sorry, but… :roflmao:

You don’t happen to have an old case laying around?

Hope you can find a good solution to the problem so you can fly again!