Mosquito Books?

The recent patch has kindled an interest but a quick search on Amazon throws up quite a few books about this wonderful aeroplane. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some of the better ones to get and, additionally, maybe some of the ones to avoid.

Many thanks,


Terror in the starboard seat by Dave McIntosh, 41 trips aboard a Mosquito A true story of 418 Squadron.

Pursuit through darkened skies by Michael Allen DFC** His career as a nightfighter pilot flying Beaufighters in the early stages.

Both are a good read in my opinion.


Mosquito Victory by Jack Currie is a good read, its the follow up to Lancaster Target which is also a cracking read.

It starts off with him in an OTU after completing his first tour in the previous book teaching students how to fly Halifax’s.

I think he thought it safer to return to active duty, so manages to pursuade his superiors to let him go back. He ends up flying Mossies in weather recon.