More COD problems

Updated COD yesterday and flew it for the first time in a couple of weeks.
Some things have improved slightly (head movements) I think, but instead, I got a major bug. Just like someone else mentioned they have, I now have big gray square where the in-game map is, unfortunately the square is there all the time, not just when I have the map up. :rolleyes:

Can you alt-click on it?

Alt click on that square then right mouse click and close window. That should do the trick.

Ok, will try that!

Managed to close it with a simple right-click - close window.

Now I just have to figure out how to make all the other text boxes smaller (or make them disappear completely). But it’s getting there, step by step, have just spent some time flying, and actually enjoying it quite a bit!

Still far from perfect, but there is hope. :slight_smile:

All info boxes can be moved, deleted and change size, just use the mouse. If you can’t, tell it to show title, then you will be able to use the mouse to change size.

@Mikke, I can recommend doing this:

to declutter the screen.

Thanks Keets


That worked great to fix the problem of annoying text, but unfortunately I also got all my controls messed up for some reason. Might have been something I did in the process of getting the new ini to work. Ah well, think I’ll get it sorted eventually anyway…

If you’ve broken something, turn Steam Cloud syncronisation back on as this will re-write the confuser.ini file. Launch the game, exit and then switch it back off again and reapply the de-clutter text fix.

Suck eggs caveat applies.