Monitor advice request

Goodmorning chaps,
As the title says, I’m looking for a new monitor.
I’m interested to a 27" but I don’t know if better in FHD 1920x1080 (cheaper) or 4k (expensive)
I have a medium PC, with i5 4670 and Nvidia 970.
Any suggestions?

There is a good thread on monitors over at ATAG Marko


It depends what else you are using the monitor for. Do you run anything that can be played at 4K and are you likely to in the near future? The 970 will probably run some things at 4K but I don’t think it would be great for flight simming. Mine is between the two, 2560 x 1440, but I wouldn’t recommend my monitor for many people.

Previously i had 24" 1080p monitor and now i’m playing on 27" 2k (2560x1440p) 144hz asus monitor and difference is huge, expecialy when spotting the bandits.
Going on higher resolution monitor will decrease fps gain so take that in mind, will it be ok for you (will your rig can handle it without downgrading whole experience).
When investing money i would say go for top cos of the future proof, if your rig can handle it!
What i notice is when going for cheaper options is that it is more expensive option at the end cos months later i need to upgrade again.
As OD said take in mind gfx card and other pc specs and google experiences with them on certain monitor, also if you plan to upgrade your rig (gfx card, cpu) in the near future than either wait with buying monitor or buy really good one.

And there is a big difference between 4k 60Hz, 2k 144Hz and 1080p and their relative dimemsions.
My opinion;

  • 27+ inch 1080p (full HD) big NO!
    -4k is beauty but it can’t go past 60Hz refresh rate
  • so i went with 2560×1440p 144Hz 27"
    Response time is another factor, i guess 1-4ms will be good for gaming, anything past 4ms NO GO, 5-8ms monitors and bad in fast pace gaming.
    Good luck!

I think Ribbon is spot on. I got two 27" BENQ monitors at work just before the summer, I think they are x1440, and I would love to try flying on one of those at home, my 24" Full-HD is starting to feel a bit old and small, but I’m not sure how well my PC would be able to run it.

Had to check, the monitors I have at work is BENQ GW2765, 2560x1440.

I’m not sure but i think fps decrease going from 1080p to 1440p is about 20% depending on game and pc specs.
Maybe best way should be post a thread on il2 or dcs forums and ask is there someone with similar specs using that monitor.

Thanks to all…
I find a monitor on line and it was discounted of 100 €…
I taked a risk, Monday morning i can have it with me and I can say if it work well or not…
Finger crossed

Seems great choice to me!

I’ve been told that this monitor rocks!

Wow, Apollo… Yes think it is amazing, but it is too expensive for me…
I received my new monitor today, and I’m happy!
It’s 32" wide, 2k. It work really well with my GTX 970, BoX and the other flight sims works well.
It is stylish and big, very big.
The only point I don’t like are the on-board speakers… Too little and unnecessary.
Yes, refresh rate is only 60 MHz, but it isn’t a problem for me.