Monday - Mission Day

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Questo è un placeholder ricorrente per il nostro appuntamento ufficiale del lunedì!
Seguiranno man mano info dettagliate per le specifiche serate.

N.B. In quanto appuntamento ricorrente, i singoli post di risposta verranno man mano cancellati.
Non utilizzate questo thread per briefing\debriefing\discussioni!

Ci vediamo in volo!


This is a recurrent placeholder for our official Monday activities!
Detailed info about specific missions will follow when needed.

WARNING! Due to the recurrent event in this thread, the single reply posts will be progressively deleted.
Don’t use this thread for briefing\debriefing\discussion purposes!

See you airborne!


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@51Squadron @41wing

After the weekend, it’s time to get your rested asses aboard your planes again!
In a few hours you’ll get more info about our tasking for the coming evening; meanwhile, sign in for your availability!




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