Monday, May the 16th, what about a different situation/server?

Buongiorno ufficiali piloti!! @51Squadron @41wing @Trainee @EAF_T_Rasuro @EAF_T_Freeman68
@EAF_T_Chem (tutto ok?)

Questa sera (vista l’eseprienza scorsa) non avrei troppa voglia di ritornare sul “warp server” No.20.

Se provassimo a farci un giro su un server sopra “the channel”? Ora posso col pc nuovo, credo fossi l’ultimo a cui non girava bene, tra l’altro c’è anche l’opzione di andare sul nostro server a provare la missione di Reflected che è sempre su o quasi.

Le opzioni sono molte, basta decidersi!

Su TS alle 21, la settimana scorsa è stata difficile quindi ho il grilletto facile :laughing: in più l’afterparty di Giovedì era stato moscio… @EAF51_Ibanez mi devi fare una nuova playlist che pompi di più! :joy:

Good morning pilots officers !! @ 51Squadron @ 41wing @Trainee @EAF_T_Rasuro @ EAF_T_Freeman68
@EAF_T_Chem (everything ok?)

Tonight (given the last experience) I would not have too much desire to return to the “warp server” No.20.

What if we try to take a ride on a server on “the channel”? Now I can with the new pc, I think I was the last one that didn’t run well, among other things there is also the option to go to our server to try the Reflected mission which is always up or almost.

The options are many, just make up your mind!

On TS at 9pm, last week it was tough so I have an easy trigger today : laughing: plus Thursday’s afterparty was a bit limp … @ EAF51_Ibanez you, our resident DJ, have to make me a new playlist that blows me up! : joy:

See you this evening chaps!


Freeman in, non ho the channel :smiling_face_with_tear:

Joker IN

Ci sono (non so se ci sono ancora) le sales di DCS

Nel caso se dovesse girare bene riproviamo con uno scout anche No.20…dicono che hanno sistemato alcune cose…speriamo.

This evenening one of us will also try to get into No.20, seems like the have been adjusting some issues, lets hope so.

The real problem is the really high ping status all the time, being the server in the US

Snaches out… riunione di lavoro serale sorry

I’ll be late, how about splitting few of us as aggressors, if unbalanced?

I generally tend to think that, except for training purposes, like last thursday, on official night we must try to fly together and on one side only.

Otherwise there is no reason of being in the same group :wink:

Well, it makes sense, in this case I hope some other friends want to join as aggressors. :wink:

We should have to call in an axis group to make a sort of weekly meeting

Shardana in!

I’ll try to join asap but I’ll be home later than usual (we’ve got some friends assisting to choir reharsals, so duration will stretch a bit probably). Sorry!

In, c u all l8r,

in ma non ho the channel, possiamo sempre provare 4ya

I tried to join 4YA twice. The mission loaded, but just when the page where you can choose what plane to fly the screen turned black, and seemed to get stuck there. ESC didn’t do anything, so after waiting a couple of minutes I went to the Activity monitor and killed DCS. I ran a deep repair of DCS, but when that was finished it was too late for me to fly, so I didn’t try again on the server.

Problems for me, SRS didn’t connect automatically (the only server with problems for me as in every others server SRS Autoconnect work great).
Then problems with controls (the fucking issue with P-51D 25 and 30 variant with the controls mess up) and (let me show a bit of Pseudo Latin…) Dulcis in fundo the stick stop working and I need to unplug and plug it again to make working again on DCS.
So it was a bit too much for my poor already battered nervous system and I quit…

No problem for me on thi side of the mediterranea sea. Server ok and hardware and software too.
Two sorties with dear Old Boy. First took off from France, he leading the flight, no problems till the target, there hit by AAA.
Second sortie, from england, I led my flight following Cappe. After a while he has had some problems and we followed Bug. Old Boy Engine stopping and I join Bug and his flight.
We reach the bridge we were suppose to bomb and manage to drop our load. Leaving the site I get hit by flak but I manage to return to One of our french bases.
After all a nice and interesting mission.
If any of you could have a look at the video so to see if I’ve hit something. According to the score I didn’t although It seemed so to me

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